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"Let Your Body Rest For A Change"



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Specializing in:

Women's Care

Temporomadibular Joint Pain Relief Series

Stress/Anxiety/Depression Program

(Currently Developing The Nourishing The Sacred Womb Program) 

I am a lightworker, healer who also practices L.I.G.H.T.Work, Angelic and Crystal healing.



Magnificent Soul Magic offers a place of quiet solitude, away from the busyness of your life. A space of tranquility and calm where you can forget the stress of life happenings. A place where the body, mind, spirit, and soul can rest.

 "Let Your Body Rest for a Change" and see what happens!



Giving your body the correct amount of quality rest is essential to your ability to learn and process memories. Additionally, rest helps restore your body’s energy, repair muscle tissue and triggers the release of hormones that affect growth and appetite.

If you don’t get enough rest, or good quality rest every once in a while, you may notice that you start feeling groggy, not well rested, and experience difficulty concentrating. If you consistently do not get enough quality rest, you are at higher risk for conditions like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, headaches and depression.

If you feel as though you are not getting enough rest on a regular basis and it is affecting your work or personal life, talk to your primary care doctor to discuss whether you may have an underlying rest disorder, like insomnia or rest apnea.

I often tell people that the body talks.  And it does. During your session, I will listen to what the body tells me is needed.  Listening to the body may mean using my intuition, or sometimes even guidance by the Divine. Your session is customized according to what your body needs and each session may be different.

While there are no specific guidelines for how much relaxation a person should incorporate into their lifestyle, making time to unwind and enjoy life is an important part of maintaining good health. Deep relaxation, like Jill's Tranquility Session, or meditation, when practiced regularly not only relieves stress and anxiety, but also is shown to improve mood. Deep relaxation has many other potential benefits as well—it can decrease blood pressure, relieve pain, and improve your immune and cardiovascular systems.

Making time to find fun and creativity is also an important element of relaxation. Laughing decreases pain, may help your heart and lungs, promotes muscle relaxation and can reduce anxiety.

If you aren’t getting enough time to relax, you may find yourself feeling tense and stressed out. Long-term stress, if not addressed, can cause a host of health issues, including chest pain, headaches, digestive issues, anxiety, depression changes in sexual desire and the ability to focus.


Healing is not accomplished in one quick visit.

Together we will discuss a treatment plan to reach your best outcome. In most cases this will mean weekly visits for 6 weeks to get you balanced and then monthly maintenance visits, eventually cutting back to as needed as long as you do any needed self-care at home. 


Similar to taking prescription medication where one pill does not fix the problem, your treatment plan needs to be taken seriously and on a regular schedule in order to do the job correctly and efficiently.  My preferred client is someone who understands the benefits of regular sessions and does not see it as just a luxury to treat themselves once a year.  


****There are no absolute guarantees that a healing session will work for you, which is no different to traditional medical treatment really.  The beauty of energy is that it is gentle, non-invasive, non-addictive and has no harmful/long term side affects. ****

(For distance sessions, we do not come to your house/you do not come to us).

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Jill Johnson, LMT
State of Maryland Licensed Massage Therapist


The mission and intent is to encourage the integration of bodywork into the sacred journey to health and wellness.

We need to include the whole mind, body and spirit when seeking health as these all work together as a whole. Working with just one of these may make you feel better, but it is similar to garden weeds. 

If the roots remain, the weed will return, causing damage to the whole garden.


Do you know what great opportunities you offer your body when you relax and take the time to have a  Massage or Reiki?

Here are just a few benefits:

* Improve the condition of the body's largest organ—the skin.  
* Enhance immunity by stimulating lymph flow—the body's natural defense system. 
* Release endorphins—amino acids that work as the body's natural painkiller. 
* Pump oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs, improving circulation.




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